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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Benhoe land

Benhoy land 
Bang bang crash! There were two boys named Frances  and Namna. They were very odd but very brave. Every night when they went mining they would bring a sword and an axe. You will find out why very shortly.

One night they were mining when they heard a big roar. Roarrrrrrrr.  They thought it might be Katy Perry singing ‘Roar’ but ‘nae nae’. There were two zombies and one creeper coming at them.  Aaaaaaaaaargh! They ran and ran until they didn't know where  they were going. 
“Hey Namna where the heck are we?” asked Frances. 
“I think we might be in some kind of creature.”
“What... But there's no creature in minecraft this big,” said Frances. 
“I think there is….. look behind you,” Nanma replied.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. There was a big blue tongue-like creature looking for people to eat. They ran and ran until they found a little hole that had light shining through They ran through the hole and came out on to the beach. 

They saw Mr Joke the Cow and he was standing right in front of their house. 
Mr Joke said “you have to answer my jokes correctly then you can go in your house”.
“Ok, that sounds easy as pie, hit me with your best shot” shouted Frances…..
“What is a pig’s favorite karate move?” 
“.. Um...The pork chop”
“Namna shouts “Quick, quick, the big blue tongue thingy is coming.”
“ Why did the minecraft spider build us a web?” fired Mr Joke.
“Oh, I know this one”, Namna said, “so you could play online.”
“Yes you may enter the house now.”
“Yes!” Namna shouted.
But when they were answering the jokes they were wasting a lot of time……..

Finding Armour 

So that night Frances and Namna went into a big cave. They were going to try find iron or something like that but this time they had back-up: Mr Joker the cow… And Cow the pig. They all brought weapons to defeat the big blue tongue thingy. When they got to the cave they saw it waving its tongue around, with a whole heap of creepers around it. Behind the monster, they could  see a whole heap of Diamonds. They could not turn back now. Mr Joker and Cow run towards the monster. They kill all of the creepers but then get wrecked by the monster. And their heads exploded. 
“So that back-up wasn’t much help  after all but now it's up to them.”.  
Ben and Nanma sprinted past the monster and mine as much diamond as possible. They put it in their pockets then ran back to their house.  On the way back Frances chucked a bomb into the cave and boom!  The monster was gone.  When they got back they made lots of armour and they lived happily ever after.

The end.

Monday, 2 November 2015

The best day ever

It was a nice bright shiny day as 5 dudes sat down on the beach.  There was a nice big sea that was so close that they could see all of the little fish. Then they turned around and saw this huge tree the size of 10 elephants, and the tree was swaying side to side in the wind.  In the distance They could see this big green hills that were so beautiful that they almost past out then they sore the nice big hotels and then they wanted to go swimming uh what a day. The end.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Metro tournament

It was a great day at Burnside Park. My metro tournament team and I had lost all our games but this one I knew we would win. I galloped on to the field the opposition looked all angry and fierce until I saw Cooper. He was standing there looking at me like a big angry gorilla.  Then beeeeeeep they kicked the ball so far it almost went past the deadline.  Smack bang crack! Then yea yea yea they scored the first try.

When all that smack bang cracking stuff was going on we wasted the whole first half. The next half began tackle by tackle. Our team was slipping and sliding all around and missing tackles. First of all they were fending people in the face a lot, second of all the ref was not watching the game he was talking to the parents on the sideline so it was a bit unfair.

I stood up and ran up to the huge strong boy. At first I thought he was gonna drop the ball and rko me but instead he didn't drop the ball and he didn't rko me so that meant something bad was about to happen. I was still crouching to make the tackle at that point. Smash boom bang crash! I was on the ground lying in pain. It felt like I had been squashed by an elephant and will I was lying in pain this dude was running down the field to score. And did he? Yes. S o overall we came last but next time we're gonna win I can feel it.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Head cut open

One day I was walking into school and my friend came racing past me.

“Did you bring your homework book?”

I said “yes.... of course I did. Why do you ask?”

“Because it is homework day”

“I know it is. But why so serious?”

“Because if we don't hand our homework book in we will get told of by the teacher”

“Oh ok.” I said.

“Bye!” said my crazy friend and off he went.


Finally I get to class and my other friend Tuhoe was standing there waiting for me. He said “Sup bro, what you doing?”

“Nothing much” I said.

“Did you bring your homework book Ben?”

“Yes” I replied, “did you?”

“Ummmm, maybe. Anyway, let’s get inside, it's freezing out here!”

“Ok” Tuhoe said, but no, it was too late. The bell rung then so we darted into class and we sat on the mat.

As soon as everyone sat down, the teacher said

“Right, homework time. Everyone who brought their homework book line up at the jelly bean table. Everyone that did not bring their homework, next time you forget you will have to work at morning tea.

“Ok” said Tuhoe in a sad voice.

As we were lining up,  Dominic and I were running round in circles. When the teacher came down the line and said “Stop running round!” we stood there shocked, hoping that she would not do what the teachers did in the olden days.

We picked up are books and waited for her to finish checking the other homework books.But when she was not looking at us we started running round again. We were running so fast then suddenly Dominic went dizzy and fell onto me.

Bang! My life flashed before my eyes. I hit the table. Next  minute, I see blood dripping down my face. I put two fingers on my head and the teacher picked up the phone and rings my mum. Dominic is just standing there with his mouth open like a horse chewing on hay.

My mum soon came racing into the class and took me to after hours.

So now I know not to do something that the teacher tells you not to do.


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Fantastic hotle

The shimmering water waits below my exquisite hotel room. I walk down the stairs as the trees reach over me like the Leaning tower of pizza. I sprint to the pool immediately.

I hear splashing and shouting in the pool. I dive in, lie on my back and see the bright blue sky as birds flutter past me like aliens in   u f o s. Then we walk to the surf club. The cool beach air flows past as if I was on a cloud drifting along the sky. We stomp into the surf club and order some calamari and chips. I smell the food and dream that I had all the food in the world.

I rush to the hotel with the rest of  my family behind me. Jack and Sam stay at the beach for a bit while I go back with dad. The cool breeze comes in the door as my mum trudges in after my dirty brothers because they have just been at the beach what a day.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

arts term

Yesterday our school went into town because this term is arts term so we went there to share what we have learnt.
I enjoyed it because I had lots of fun doing my performance and it made me proud because I thought it was really good. I think that I connected with the audience because I looked at them and I talked loud so they could hear me but I didn't really make the audience feel involved.
I saw people being manaaki by sharing the microphone so I think that was manaaki.
Even though the arts term is ending I still want to keep on building these connections next term by still talking about it and thinking about it. I think we even got good feedback back because after and during our performance they were all talking about how it was and what we could do better and I saw people clapping and shouting out that it was really good. Over all I think it was a really good experience because we were getting lots of feedback.


Can you remember a time when you got stuck? Like getting stuck in a tree and your friends had to get you down, or maybe you got stuck in a rubbish bin and you had to wait for the next person to open it. Or maybe you got stuck in a toilet cubicle and had to call for help. When these things happen you can feel scared and trapped. But sometimes you can get yourself out.

One day last year on a sunny afternoon in the holidays my mums friends wanted us to come to inflatable world. I love inflatable world, so of course, my brother and I shouted “yes yes yes!”

But I also had an unsure feeling. The only thing that I hate about inflatable world is that you can easily hurt yourself. Someone at school had told me that someone had cracked their spine jumping of the slide. But like any normal child I said “Ok, lets go.”

So we got ready and hopped in the car. On the way there I was thinking about what inflatable challenges they were going to have this time. Sometimes they have big blow up wrestling arenas. They were fun.

When we got there I darted out of the car onto the cold wet concrete and standing there were my friends. I said “S’up Tram and Felix?” We raced inside.

Larson, Charlie and my brother Sam sprinted towards the big slide, but Felix, Tram and I weren't interested in a dumb slide. We were tempted to go to the “high mountain”. That was a large inflatable mountain, a bit like clip n climb, and has ropes that you can climb up on. So we jumped onto a rope and started climbing. When we got to the top I looked down and it literally felt like I was on top of Mount Cook.

Then I had an idea. We should jump down. It wasn’t that high. I wouldn’t break my spine doing that. And like adults say, always trust your we leaped off the mountain, and  landed on a soft blow up horse…. I was fine. Maybe this place isn’t so bad after all!

Next we went to this big moving thing that  looked like a giant biscuit on the ground. But actually was a big circle that moved when you stood on it. We were about to hop on but, then, came trouble.

There were four girls and one of them said “You’re not allowed on here!”

“Why?" I asked

“Because my brother said, there are only allowed to be four people on it at a time.”

“Who said your brother was in charge?” I said. One of the girls then told us that he works for inflatable world so we had to go away.

We weren't going to let some bossy girls tell us what to do, so we hopped on anyway, but I wasn't too sure, so I turned to get off. Slowly,  slowly I walked to the edge....Slowly, slowly...I got my feet ready, to hop off. Slowly slowly.... SLIP.

My legs slipped right from underneath me I fell right in to a big gap, but just when I fell, the circle flipped over, right ontop of me. I was stuck, well and truly stuck.... I thought I was never going to get out...but then the circle moved back. This was my chance. I leaped out of the gap and landed on on the soft carpet.

I didn't break any bones. I didn't even need to call for help. All I had to do was persevere and push myself out.

Sometimes there aren't always people around to help you out, so remember to persevere and don't stop trying. I decided inflatable world isn't so bad after all.